All paintings are created exclusively by Let's Paint Pompey for our events. Feel free to comment and tell us your favorites, this will help us give you more of those! 😉

Click on the paintings to see the event pictures!

Mighty Toucan

Mighty Toucan Let's Paint Pompey

Southsea Cat Life



sail let's paint pompey


Stargazing Let's Paint Pompey

Pineapple Pop

pineapple pop let's paint pompey

The Bandstand

thebandstand Let's Paint Pompey

Pacific Twist

Relaxing Flower

Relaxing Flower Let's Paint Pompey

Starry Night Over Portsmouth

Starry Night Over Portsmouth Let's Paint Pompey


Sky Trip Let's Paint Pompey

Lady Madeleine

Lady Madeleine Let's Paint Pompey

Just Swan Love


sunflowers let's paint pompey

Solstice in Stonehenge

Solstice in Stonehenge Let's Paint Pompey

The Pier

the pier let's paint pompey

Carribean Sunset

Carribean Sunset credit 2 let's paint pompey

Big Ben

Wine O’Clock

wine o clock let's paint pompey

Sneaky Pumpkin

Sneaky Pumpkin let's paint pompey

abstract with Kandinsky

Abstract with Kandinsky credit let's paint pompey

rendez-vous on the hill

rendez-vous on the hill credit letspaintpompey

Looking out my window

Spooky window letspaintpompey

the great escape

Poppy Tryptic

Secret Valley

Secret Valley credit letspaintpompey

Southsea Lighthouse

Southsea Lighthouse let's paint pompey

Santa Fox

Christmas flower

Heartnose reindeer

Man! I feel like a snowman

Little Owl

Mountain Cabin

Interstellar Pompey

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  1. The sky in “Stargazing” is simply mesmerizing! My personal favorite! Will follow your page to make sure I know when it comes up 🙂

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